Finding Comps

Every data point you collect can be turned into a filter.

Filter comps geospatially, qualitatively and quantitatively using different filtering tools
Compare the comps next to the subject property or view them in more detail individually
Select your best comps and they're automatically added to your analysis and report
Take map screenshots, edit and label them and they get added to your report automatically

What you'll get?

Compare Sales

Compare the shortlisted sales side by side in table and map views.

Multiple Parameters

Filter them through geographical, qualitative and quantitative data.

Precise Search

Search comparable sales that accurately match your subject property.

How it works?

Filter the sales through geographical data, qualitative data and quantitative data

View the sales in Map and Table View

Compare the comps along with the subject property side by side, through the customized parameters

Hide the irrelevant sales on the way

Select the relevant comps and you are good to go

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Report Writing
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