Onboarding with Terrace Ag

November 17, 2019


Grant Suddarth

What is the onboarding process like with Terrace Ag? Dave Nebel, President of Hertz Appraisal Services led the onboarding efforts at Hertz starting May 2019.

Hertz’s comps/property data is housed across different platforms and services based on the individual needs of Appraisers, Real Estate Brokers, and Farm Managers. The data models representing the comps/property data in each instance are also customized for every group. Terrace Ag’s onboarding team worked with Dave and Hertz’s IT team to help bring in data feeds from these multiple sources as well as standardize the data models so they would be easier to filter. 

Currently a team of 20+ Hertz Appraisers, Brokers, and Farm Managers across Iowa and Illinois are using this platform. We expect more than 100  Hertz team members will begin using the platform in the next few months.  

We interviewed him about his experience: 

Dave Nebel

President - Hertz Appraisal Services
What benefits has using Terrace Ag provided to your company’s appraisal process?

Searching for, analyzing, and retrieving sales information is one of the largest time investments during the valuation process. Terrace Ag is improving how we handle sales data through their storage, search, and retrieval systems. Their geospatial tools have also provided creative solutions. We are still early in the rollout/adoption process but we are already seeing exciting improvement! 

What did you enjoy about the onboarding process? 

When people hear the term “onboarding” we sometimes have a negative reaction because learning new systems can be challenging, especially if the “trainer” is not effective.  However, the Terrace Ag platform is intuitive and the Terrace Ag folks have been an absolute pleasure to work with. The platform is good – their people make it great!    

What has been your prior experience with appraisal software besides Terrace Ag?

Years ago I used a competing ag software platform. It worked but was antiquated and not flexible. To better serve our clients we built templates in Word and Excel – a system that has been ultimately flexible but not always the most efficient. Handling sales data is certainly a weak area in this type of structure and we have actively searched for a way to improve. Terrace Ag seemed to offer a good solution. Again, we are still early in the transition, but we are already improving our handling of sales data.    

What features of the software stand out to you? 

Terrace Ag was designed from the ground up to be a flexible and evolving system. Rather than forcing every customer to do things one way and only one way, they wrote their code to flex for different clients. They also recognized that even the most robust systems of today will be tomorrow’s dinosaurs – and they have a vision to keep the platform evolving. The valuation profession is experiencing a trend toward more data and geospatial tools. Terrace Ag is providing a new solution for agricultural appraisers!      

If you are interested in using Terrace Ag or exploring the possibility by doing a trial run, please contact us for a personalized demo.