Report Writing

We provide standard templates out of the box but you can customize them completely based on your preferences.

Easy report template builder tool for creating and building your own templates
Any piece of dynamic data, such as property fields, analysis tables, images, charts and graphs, can be included in a template

What you'll get?

Pre-built Layout

Professional looking report with pre-built layout.

Smart Reports

Report templates are connected to workfiles and automatically fetch relevant data into the report.

Predefined Templates

Pick from predefined templates or create your own.

Share Securely

Password protected professional looking reports.

How it works?

Use the pre-built Report Template provided by TerraceAg or make your own template.

Reports are created automatically, taking the data from subject property information and calculations from analysis.

Smooth Transition

The perfect balance between form-filled and flexible. We’ll prove it to you by setting up your first template.

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