You can duplicate the entire workfile project folder to jumpstart your next appraisal project.

Manage subject property information just like you would a comparable sale in the Sales Database
Add as many tracts to your subject property and choose if you want to summarize them or appraise them separately

What you'll get?

Property Analysis

Perform land, improvement, and income analysis.

Data Management

Capture and manage qualitative and quantitative data.

Property Templates

Choose from ready-made templates or create your own.

All Data in One Place

One place for all your appraisal related data for a subject property.

How it works?

Create a workfile for a subject property, using a property template.

Fill and manage all the data at one place - qualitative and quantitative.

Perform the property analysis - land, improvements and income.

Smooth Transition

We promise a smooth migration from any tool that you are currently using.

Sales Database
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Finding Comps
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GIS / Mapping Tool
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Report Writing
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